Unclose your mind.

You are not a prisoner.

You are a bird in flight, searching the skies for dreams.

[Haruki Murakami]

Rita Capuni’s concept comes from the desire of telling herself through the clothes she creates.

Therefore, her collections are stories of life in continuous development as an endless journey.

Rita Capuni’s concept evolves from a deep exploration of male and female identities.

The woman dressing Rita Capuni refuses a purely estethic idea of femininity,

absorbing and blending features of both genders, overcoming but not coding them.

This is a woman who emotionally feels each garment.

The clothes are the result of tailoring craftmanship and accurate selection of fabrics exclusively made in Italy.

The designer studies asymetrical cuts, minimal shapes, focusing on black and white concept.

Black and white as discipline, harmony and elegance:

eliminate the unnecessary to come to the essence, becoming true.


True is powerful.

AREA LEGALE        RITA CAPUNI ® 2019  P.I. 02209780689